Available After Church Service

The ministry of the library is one of the streams that flows into the big river - ministry in the Church.

The goal of the library is to help people learn more about God, the Bible, and the Christian life. Reading life Christian stories can be a good lesson.

The library is open every Sunday morning and evening . At the moment it contains more than 2,000 copies of books, magazines and CDs.

The books are divided into groups. The study section has books to help you study the Bible. In the edifying - stories, essays, testimonies of Christians. In the section on marriage and family - the reader can also find useful tips. In the
poetry section, collections of poems. On the shelves of the library there are children's literature, audio cassettes and CDs with Christian songs and sermons. Computer accounting helps to quickly issue and accept books, save information about the availability of books.

May the Lord help that this little work be for the edification of brothers and sisters and for the glory of God.

Sergey and Irina